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Office 365 Guardian

The Ultimate Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring and Security Package 


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Threat Monitoring

Real-time threat monitoring and alerts of permissions, rules, mail forwarding, new admins, login locations, and more.


Tamper Proof protection of alerts, rules, and, configurations.


Security reporting for all admins, MFA status, forwarders, sharing activity across Sharepoint and One Drive, permissions, and more.

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It's a no-brainer!

Our Office 365 Guardian is affordable and easy to implement to ensure that YOU stay in control. 

You know instantly if anyone attempts to gain entry, so they can be booted straight out before any damage can be done.

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"Blueteam is very responsive and they listen to our business needs before recommending a solution. Working with Blueteam has been a breath of fresh air." -Tim. T., IT Manager
“Blueteam is our full-service outside IT provider and has provided our law firm with exceptional day-to-day IT support along with assistance in evaluating and implementing long-term improvements to our IT systems.  They are friendly, prompt to respond, well connected to various vendors, and have saved us money over an in-house IT person.  I would highly recommend their services!”   -Christian Donovan, Attorney
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What is the weakest link in your business? 

(Hint.) You’d be wrong if you think it's technology and right if you think it’s people.


You can put in the most sophisticated technology (and you certainly should make sure that is in place), but if you overlook the people element, you will most certainly fall victim.

Cybercriminals are making targeted, strategic attacks on businesses. They find the right way to allure your staff into clicking a link to give away their usernames and passwords. 

They are cunning social engineers, preying on human weaknesses and emotional vulnerabilities to give them a window of opportunity into your systems.



Do you have In-house IT 

Blueteam Networks is proud to be a leading server management and private cloud service provider in the Columbus area. We partner with small to medium-sized business IT departments to deliver your private cloud experience and lighten the burden on your IT team. We also offer co-managed IT support

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