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Blueteam Co-managed IT Service


The Right Partner for In-house IT 


We know that you have a lot on your plate. Blueteam CoMIT is here to support you - how and when you need it. 


Let's Talk


We're here to guide you through strategy, planning, and budget decisions relating to information to information technology and security.


Our co-managed IT services from our Columbus team can help with more complex support issues and cover your team when they are out.  

Security Focused

Implement proven best practices and training for your users to keep your organization safe.

"Blueteam is very responsive and they listen to our business needs before recommending a solution. Working with Blueteam has been a breath of fresh air." -Tim. T., IT Manager

Support for Internal IT 

In-house technology teams (often a one-person show) are required to understand new IT initiatives, deploy them at scale, manage security, and ensure they are delivering ROI — all while working through an ever-growing list of day-to-day tasks. Our Columbus based co-managed IT services team partners with small to medium-sized business IT departments to lighten the burden and increase productivity. 

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How We Partner With You

We don’t replace your IT team, but we do give them a boost with expertise, strategy, tools, support personnel, security fundamentals, and other resources.

We provide access to the latest security tools, cloud resources, along with our backup and disaster recovery programs for Columbus area businesses, so your in-house IT has everything you need to be successful. 

Let's Talk

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Frequently Asked Questions

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