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Why do you need Security Awareness Training?


⚠️ Phishing

⚠️ Ransomware

⚠️ CEO Fraud

⚠️ Compliance


The PEOPLE at your organization are your last line of defense.


Simulated Phishing 

Phishing remains the most widely used cyber-attack method. How good is your team at spotting phishing emails?

AI Training Engine

Ongoing bite-sized training suggestions from the world's most complete library with scheduled reminders. 

Advanced Reporting

Key reporting, showing data for security awareness training and phishing, ready for management. 

"Blueteam has implemented Cyber Security Awareness Training for our organization. They have provided tools for preventative measures and trained our employees on how to spot phishing scams as well as keep them informed and aware of any potential new threats. Tracking the progress of security campaigns is easy and efficient. Blueteam is very responsive and they listen to our business needs before recommending a solution. Working with Blueteam has been a breath of fresh air." -Tim. T., Manager

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training is a form of ongoing education that arms members of an organization with the information they need to protect themselves and their organization's assets from loss or harm.

Blueteam Security Awareness Training serves up bite-sized lessons that your users need to keep your organization safe. 

Blueteam Networks Cyber Security Awareness Training Columbus OH

Real-World Results 

Scammers are making it harder and harder to determine if emails are legitimate or not. Your entire organization is only one click away from being breached

We sent our initial "fake" email to a customer's employees without their employees knowing so we could to do a baseline risk assessment. As you can see from the results, this exercise confirmed that they desperately needed security awareness training

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Train Users to Spot Phishing

There are several components to this training. One of the most important involves a third-party sending “fake” emails to your organization that seem legitimate in hopes of catching users off-guard. A user clicks a link, replies to an email, or worse yet, puts in credentials to what they think is a valid site.

Once a user takes one of those actions, our Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program lets the user know they've been scammed and educates them on what they should have looked for in the email they received. This process makes everyone more aware of everyday risks and how to deal with them.


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Let's Talk About Security Training

Build and Maintain a Human Firewall

Whatever measures you think you have in place aren't enough. 91% of breaches start with a Spear Fishing attack. Your email filters have an average 7-10% failure rate, and bad actors continuously devise ways to get around it.

Technology and cybersecurity countermeasures are essential, but at the beginning of many data breaches, a person fell victim to social engineering. Every organization must have a strong human firewall as its last line of defense.

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Blueteam Security Awareness Human Firewall

Ongoing training that isn't a time suck. 

The second part of the awareness training consists of bite-sized lessons to help your users understand current threats, how phishing works, known tactics hackers use to trick you, and more. 

This type of training should be a regular part of employees’ onboarding and ongoing education, even if they are remote or contract workers. We make it easy to implement and maintain at your organization, adding another layer of security.

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