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Blueteam Networks is ready to help you defend your network against bad actors with complex security controls, multiple layers of security, ongoing Security Awareness Training, and more. 


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Malware encrypts a victim's files, then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access. 2021 saw over a 102% increase over last year!

CEO Fraud 

CEO fraud is a social engineering technique that relies on winning the trust of the email recipient. CEO fraud is now a $26 billion scam.


9 out of 10 successful cyber attacks start as phishing emails. Phishing incidents nearly doubled in frequency since 2019.


Risk-based controls to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of information stored, processed, or transferred - often mandated.

Data security is more important than ever.

Your cybersecurity needs to be like an onion; layers upon layers of the proper technologies.
If done right it shouldn't make you cry  😢 like an onion though.
Blueteam Networks helps Central Ohio businesses deploy best practices along with multiple layers of security
to help your company's data and your customer's data safe. We have experience with HIPAA, law firms, and other
verticals that have special compliance needs.


Managed Firewall

A firewall is a layer of security that prevents unauthorized users, programs, and computers from gaining access to your networks. 

A firewall is crucial to preventing unauthorized access to your network. Our managed firewall is your company’s main line of defense against the many threats that lurk on the internet.

Managed Firewall Columbus IT and Cybersecurity Support



AI Zero Trust Policy Engine

Zero trust is a cybersecurity concept focused on protecting resources and the fact that trust is never granted automatically but must be continually evaluated. No person or program on a zero-trust network will be trusted until it proves it’s not an undercover threat to organizational security.

Dark Web Monitoring

We continually monitor the Dark Web for compromised credentials and data.

Secure Email

Secure email encrypts an email so that it cannot be intercepted from another source or your entire network connection can be encrypted via TLS, which protects email from being read while it's in motion. (1)

24x7 Monitoring

A layer of security that prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your networks. 

DNS Web Filtering

DNS filtering is the process of using the Domain Name System to block malicious websites and filter out harmful or inappropriate content.

Security Patch Updates

Security patch management is the ongoing process of applying updates that help resolve code vulnerabilities or errors for applications across your system.

Spam Filtering

Detect unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevents them from getting to a user's inbox. Reducing risk. (4)

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Human error is the #1 factor of all cyber breaches (95%)

Our security awareness program serves as the final layer of security for your business. We enable you to create a human firewall for your business as the last line of defense.

Train Users to Spot Phishing

Phishing simulations help train users about the most widely used cyber-attack method.

AI Training Engine

Ongoing bite-sized training with scheduled reminders. 

Advanced Reporting

Management reports showing data for security training and phishing. (3)

Back-up, Disaster and Recovery

In the case of a disaster or cyber attack, Blueteam implements best practices and programs to help ensure your data is backed up and recoverable on your terms with various backup and granular recovery options. 


Blueteam Networks prepares, tests, and orchestrates your disaster recovery (DR) strategy to protect critical applications. 


Blueteam can back up and recover to, from, and within the cloud for portability and cost savings. Private Cloud services available.

Business Continuity Plan

Avoid disruptions to your business. It’s time to start actually using a platform that continuously backs up data locally and to the cloud. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions help your business get back up and running quickly!
"Blueteam is very responsive and they listen to our business needs before recommending a solution. Working with Blueteam has been a breath of fresh air." -Tim. T., IT Manager

Do you have In-house IT 

We partner with small to medium-sized business IT departments to deliver your cybersecurity support services and lighten the burden on your IT team. We also offer co-managed IT support

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