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We provide out-of-this-world IT Service for Central Ohio Businesses!

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Blueteam Networks is the IT Support Provider you need for your Columbus area business, at precisely the moment you need it.

Our team of trusted professionals provides superior support and guidance to increase your business performance and improve processes while reducing cyberattack risks. Blueteam Networks offers fully customizable, comprehensive Outsourced and Managed IT Services in the Columbus area at the level that is right for YOUR business. 

Trying to find your way through complicated IT issues and modern cybersecurity threats is like being lost in space. Blueteam Networks is here to guide you and provide the expertise you need to keep your business up and running safely. Our managed IT service provider in Columbus will make IT work for YOU! 

You may think you can't afford comprehensive managed IT services for your Columbus business, but the truth is 60% of businesses close after a cyber-attack because they were not adequately prepared. So you really can't afford not to have an experienced IT Service Provider on your side. Let's Talk about implementing co-managed IT or outsourced IT services for your Columbus company, so you don't have to worry and can focus on your business. 

“Blueteam is our full-service outside IT provider and has provided our law firm with exceptional day-to-day IT support along with assistance in evaluating and implementing long-term improvements to our IT systems.  They are friendly, prompt to respond, well connected to various vendors, and have saved us money over an in-house IT person.  I would highly recommend their services!” -Christian D., Attorney

Blueteam 360

Comprehensive security-focused IT Plans with everything you need to keep your business safe and productive with flat-fee pricing. No surprise IT bills! Learn More.


Blueteam Connect

Business PBX phone systems, and a suite of tools to enable communication and collaboration into a seamless experience oriented around company needs and employee work style. Learn more. 

Blueteam Cyber 

Using state-of-the-art IT security tools, Anti-Virus, and Malware protection, the managed IT service providers at Blueteam in Columbus can leverage the appropriate amount of IT Security for your network requirements and industry standards.

Blueteam Cloud

Our Virtual Office & Private Cloud Services are always on, anywhere, anytime so you can focus on your business, not your IT.

Reporting and Strategy

Semi-annual business review, technology budgeting, and roadmap included in any plan!

Unmatched Support

Local, responsive, friendly service and support are included, no matter what plan you choose.

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Cosmic IT Plans 

Get a plan that fits your needs for an out-of-this-world IT Experience.

We have custom plans to fit the needs of growing businesses that need security and IT Support or we can partner with small to medium-sized business IT departments to lighten the burden and increase productivity. 


Getting Started With Blueteam Networks is as Easy as 3-2-1!



3. Get a free consultation.

2. We develop a custom IT support plan for your business.

1. Liftoff! We make IT work for you. 


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We are Cybersecurity Focused 

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. That's why Blueteam Networks is always on top of new threats and new methods to control them. We use state-of-the-art IT security tools and we are always up to date on best practices. We're ready to leverage the appropriate amount of IT Security for your network requirements and industry standards.

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We Customize Your Plan

We know that not every business has the same needs. You get a managed service plan that is designed for your environment and budget. 

Custom IT Plan It Support Columbus OH

We Make IT work for YOU!

Our mission is to help you complete your mission. As your managed IT service provider for your Columbus area business, we look at IT in a comprehensive way that takes into account your goals, work to be done, and ROI. 


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